UWS Girls Empowered Programme

Girls to Greatness

The Programme

Through a combination of talks and hands-on workshops, UWS Girls Empowered Programme equips young women with the skills, knowledge and confidence to overcome challenges and achieve their fullest potential in all spheres of their lives.

Programme Beneficiaries

Empower girls, aged 12 -25 years old, to instil Independence, Resilience, Competitiveness, Resourcefulness and Self-sufficiency.

We know girls are powerful

It’s our mission to help them know it too.

We provide a holistic combination of talks and hands-on workshops that teach job readiness skills, financial literacy, and deepen young women’s knowledge of their rights and remedies under the law with respect to the workplace. 

The Modules

Pillar 1


Enhance employability and competitiveness

The Be Your Best workshops teach job readiness skills such as:

  • cover letter and resume writing
  •  job selection and application
  • interview and job readiness skills
  • effective communication and pitch or presentation
  • building a personal brand
  • negotiation skills for growth opportunities
  • effective management and leadership

that help girls overcome the confidence gap to enhance employability and competitiveness.

Pillar 2


Be resourceful and cultivate independence and self-sufficiency

To widen knowledge on financial literacy to make informed economic decisions to take charge of their financial future through: 

  • Cultivating Healthy Financial Habits
  • Budgeting & Saving
  • Introduction to CPF
  • Insurance & Investments 
  • Asset Creation and more

To protect oneself, learn how to  identify signs of an imminent attack, and position oneself to de-escalate or create opportunities to escape when in danger.

To grasp handy life-skills from changing a car tire or light bulb, hanging picture frames, etc

Pillar 3


Advocate for equality in personal relationship

To set personal boundaries and setting expectations for respect and dignity in personal relationships; and

To learn impactful practices to foster equal distribution of family and household care work.

Pillar 4


Widen their network and give back

To be exposed to mutually beneficial relationships with other young women and women entrepreneurs and leaders to bolster current network for

  • Scholarships and grants
  • Funding
  • Pitching and more

Partner Us to Ignite the Greatness in Girls

We are looking for

  • Workshop Content Creators and Facilitators
  • Subject matter expert Speakers and Mentors
  • Programme Sponsors
  • Programme beneficiaries

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