Paving Gender Equality through Allyship

Being an ally is a continuous process of reflection, self-awareness and self-accountability. We must acknowledge and, more importantly, have conversations about the harmful effects of discrimination and biases we have about each gender. Read more

Connecting Girls to Role Models in STEM

STEMentorship 2022

We are a big advocate of equipping young girls with the confidence to enter STEM fields in their future careers and we believe one way to do that is to introduce them to role models in the industry. By connecting these mentors with budding STEM enthusiasts, we hope that more girls will feel inspired to explore alternative career paths. Read more about what our mentees learnt from the program and how our mentors felt throughout the entire experience!

UWS STEM Fest 2022 Highlights

The inaugural United Women Singapore (UWS) Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Festival that took place on 29 Oct, 2022 at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, saw over 650 students, parents, educators and STEM professionals come together as a supportive community for young women to build their competence and inspire confidence in them to succeed in future of jobs in the STEM field.

STEM@HOME: Build A Safe Home

This activity comes from our very own Girls2Pioneers programme. Learn what it takes to build a safe home with some tricks and tips. Gather some reycled materials from the house and get started! Remember to start at the drawing board as you sketch out some ideas of your dream house. This activity was designed by […]

STEM@Home-The Science Behind Food

The first of our new STEM activities delves into the science behind food. ??? Gather your family and find out how the colour of our food affects the taste. All you need is apple juice and food colouring! ✅Remember to tag us on a picture of your experiment. ✅Access the lesson plan via the link […]

STEM@Home-A ‘Fluffy Slime’ STEM Workshop

To celebrate the wonderful dad-daughter relationship?‍?‍?, United Women Singapore has partnered with The Lavender Spaceship Project to present A ‘Fluffy Slime’ STEM Workshop. ✅This is the second event of United Women Singapore Male Allies – Father & Daughter Virtual Series where dads and daughters can have fun, learn and bond over a morning of hands-on science […]

STEM@Home-Building Bridges

This new STEM activity delves into the science present in our everyday lives – Bridges. Gather your family and learn about how different materials have different properties and strengths. Who can create the strongest bridge? ✅Remember to tag us on a picture of your experiment. ✅Access the lesson plan via the link ✅Share with us […]

STEM@Home-The Science Behind Baking

???Crack away in your own chemistry lab (kitchen) and discover the science behind baking. To make the best cakes and dishes, it also important to use mathematics. Mathematics is required every step of the way – for the correct measurements, conversion of measurements, and baking time. Make your very own brownies and witness the science and the mathematics […]

STEM@Home-Clean Water

Water demand in Singapore is about 430 million gallons per day (1,627,727,074 litres per day). By 2060 this is expected to double. Clean water is necessary not just to drink, but for sanitation, medical use, and other daily needs. Did you know that a human can only go about 4 days without water? Try creating your own water […]

STEM@Home-Let’s Get Cracking

Let’s get cracking! This new STEM activity gives you a chance to try your hand and designing and innovating a product which can keep an egg safe. Learn about the Engineering Design Process (EDP) which helps engineers organise their problem-solving approach. This egg drop project combines problem-solving skills with basic principles of engineering and physics. Egg drop prototypes simulate […]