Pilot STEM Mentorship programme

UWS concluded its pilot Mentorship programme in May 2021.

Between February to May, 54 students were matched with 25 mentors from various STEM industries. In a group mentoring setting, the mentors guided the girls on Goal Setting, Personal Discipline, Planning Ahead and the Art of Problem Solving.

Post-mentorship, our mentees indicated self-improvement in areas such as Inquiry and ExplorationSelf-esteem and Growth Mindset. The students felt they had grown in their curiosity and keenness to try new things – a key trait for those in STEM fields. Growth in the areas of self-esteem also reflects how the Mentees have a better self-conceptualisation and stronger belief in their ability to handle challenges.

Likewise, our mentors reflected better confidence in areas such as Counsel, Nurture and Guidance and Response to Needs. They had significantly grown in their ability to provide advice and information to their Mentees and react to their situational demands effectively.

To participate in such future events, join our Girls2Pioneers community at bit.ly/g2puwscommunity

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