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The Road to Allyship for Equity

Equity recognises that we do not all start from the same place, and proper resources and opportunities are needed to reach an equal outcome. If Equality is the goal, then Equity is the way to get there.

Allyship is incredibly important; it encourages us to challenge gender stereotypes. Everyone everywhere can play a part as an ally to drive collective change. 

Allyship begins with communication. In 2023 for International Women’s Day, UWS will focus on encouraging conversations on gender stereotypes in the family and amongst peers. 

Let's Talk Gender Stereotypes

Gender stereotypes can be limiting; they force us into ‘boxes’ that don’t necessarily fit our personality or experiences.

Having conversations about such stereotypes is a great way in cultivating mindset change. It is the first step towards raising awareness and helping individuals think critically about the world around them.

Let’s be honest, talking about gender stereotypes can be tough conversation – but it is one worth having. Maybe it’s time to get a little uncomfortable together to create a community which is comfortable for all.

Myth: "Men shouldn't cry."

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Fact: Expressing your feelings show strength rather than weakness

Myth: "Pink is for girls, blue is for boys"

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Fact: Colours Do Not Have Genders!

Start a Conversation

about gender stereotypes with your family and peers

Conversation Starter Tool Kit

Questions on gender stereotypes to ask at the dining table, and tips on having a productive conversation

Join the Conversation

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