GenSafe Workplaces

Supporting employees experiencing domestic violence abuse, workplace harassment and discrimination

The Programme

Launched in 2020, we advocate for safe, supportive and inclusive workplace environment, bring attention the workplace impacts of domestic violence and abuse (DVA) with the objective to prevent them from leaving their jobs due to the spillover effect.

In 2021, we expanded the curriculum to address workplace harassment and allyship in the workplace.

Programme Beneficiaries

Public & Private
sector organisations

Economic security is a critical component of safety for victims of violence

10% of the participants from our survey have faced domestic violence and abuse (DVA), and in a separate local study, 72% of females experiencing domestic violence are not likely to report DVA to the authorities

The Curriculum

Foundational Workshop(s)

Workshops conducted by UWS on:

Specialist Serie(s)

Webinars by subject matter experts on progressive workplace policies & strategies to support employees impacted by DVA, topics on preventing workplace harassment / discrimination and encouraging allyship in the workplace.

Information Handbook(s)

Created in consultation with government agencies, key industry leaders and legal experts to help companies build a comprehensive workplace response to DVA.

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