GenSafe Workplaces

GenSafe Workplaces

We believe that for lasting cultural and societal change there must be a multi-faceted approach undertaken to prevent domestic violence and abuse (DVA) through working with government agencies, the private sector and community partners in changing cultural norms along with public education in schools for our younger generation.

Our GenSafe Workplaces programme advocates for personnel policies that provide a safe and supportive world for everyone, regardless of gender, for the community.

Let’s strive towards Gender Safe Workplaces!


Why did we create

GenSafe Workplaces?

In December 2019, we launched a report in collaboration with IPSOS titled, “Challenge the Apathy: Shedding Light on Domestic Abuse in Singapore”, where we surveyed 300 Singaporeans on their perceptions of DVA.

Our study showed that 13% of the female participants have experienced family violence. With the increasing rate of female labour participation in Singapore, there is a high probability of females suffering in silence and therefore, a spillover effect at the workplace affecting employees’ productivity, workplace safety and environment.

Our role is to advocate for employment policies that protect the rights of victims of DVA and prevent them from losing their jobs due to the spillover effect of DVA at the workplace as economic security is a critical component of safety for victims of violence.

The survivor’s ability to maintain her employment can greatly enhance her ability to leave the situation of violence and start her psychological and emotional recovery.

What are

Our Objectives?

We aim to help organisations implement a comprehensive plan to increase its awareness of DVA, spot the signs of employees impacted by it, equip them the skills to respond to employees suffering in silence and ensure a safe and supportive workplace environment for all.

Our role is not the complete overhaul of an organization’s existing policies but to provide a variety and differing degrees of model policies which will help them create their own version of a DVA policy that works for the organization and its people.

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GenSafe - Informational Handbook DVA Workplace Policy

The guide is the first handbook launched in Singapore aimed to help the private sector organisations to strengthen their workplace response to employees who are experiencing violence or victimisation, with the long-term objective to create workplaces of the future that are safe, supportive and inclusive for all.

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