GenSafe Workplaces Specialist Webinar 5

Edited] The webinar has ended. To view the recording, please watch it on our Facebook here.
In collaboration with Keynote Women Speakers, we are pleased to announce our panel discussion featuring Abam Mambo, APAC Legal Director, Microsoft, Anita Kapoor, television host, facilitator and speaker and Natalia Rachel, Executive Director, SOMA Clinic. The speakers will share practical policies and practices that companies could adopt to support and retain their employees impacted by domestic violence.
Date: Wednesday 24 March 2021
Time: 11.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. (GMT +8, Singapore)
Platform: Zoom
Ticket Price: Complimentary
Registration Link: Save Your Spot Today!
Abam Mambo-Doh is a global leader with experience in employment law, ethics and risk management and is the Legal Regional Director for workplace investigations for Microsoft Asia. A lawyer by background, Abam spent nine years advising executives and HR professionals on fair employment practices, inclusion, and diversity, and change management. A published writer (Farafina, African Roar, etc.), chief editor and columnist for literary, news and lifestyle magazines (African Vibes), Abam’s writing examines culture, womanhood, voice and identity politics. She also speaks on leadership and female empowerment, risk-taking, corporate governance, and the evolving workplace. Passionate about holistic health and self-advocacy, Abam cofounded Flexcare Health Solutions, which educates patients on effective self-care management of chronic diseases, and she serves on the Board of Brave Venture Labs, a tech startup that helps employers leverage AI to attract the right talent. The Cameroonian native has lived and led teams in North America, Africa, and Asia.
Anita Kapoor is a facilitator, speaker, and host. She lends her voice and platform to advocate Mind+Body+Spirit, Wellness, Equality, Inclusivity, Diversity and Consciousness. Her goal is to hold restorative spaces with compassion for clarity, healing, courage and self-growth, guiding all to engage in self- and co-creation for all to live with dignity, self-respect, equity, and voice. She has also created – a platform featuring audio stories from lockdown and Beyond Chaos, an Instagram Live series for living thru and beyond crisis.
Natalia Rachel is the Director of Soma Clinic and specializes in complex health and trauma recovery. In addition to seeing private clients, she also teaches courses on recovery and is a
keynote speaker. Natalia places emphasis on illuminating patterns and organizing principles that exist with our neurophysiology and transcend to our mental-emotional experience and our relational dynamics. Having experienced her own journey of illness, trauma, and recovery, she is able to explore the very personal, and gritty underbelly of physical, mental, and relational health, while connecting to modern psychology, neuroscience, trauma, and relationship material. Rachel has a big heart to support a sustained shift from oppression and suppression to movement and expression through empathetic relating and compassionate care.

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