Gender Equality Panel Discussion


Congratulations to the winners of the Gender Equality Impact Awards (GEIA) 2020, organised by United Women Singapore and supported by the European Union Delegation to Singapore!

The winners are:

Gender Equality Impact@Work – Unilever Asia Pte Ltd

Gender Equality Impact@Work (Honourable Mention) – Goldman Sachs (Singapore) Pte

Gender Equality Impact Changemaker (Male Individual) – Mr Shehzad Hameed Ahmad, Senior Producer International Productions, Mediacorp Pte Ltd

Gender Equality Impact Changemaker (Female Individual) – Ms Christine Amour-Levar, Founder, Women on a Mission & HER Planet Earth

Gender Equality Impact Changemaker Youth – Ms Carissa Cheow, Co-founder of Students for a Safer NUS, National University of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

Gender Equality Impact Changemaker Youth (Honourable Mention) -Isabelle Sriphanee Jeffries, student of United World College

Thank you to our dedicated panel of judges: Malathi Das (Member, Family Law and Children’s Rights Chapter, Singapore Academy of Law), Pia Bruce (Senior Advisor, United Women Singapore) and Calvin Chu ( Partner,Eden Strategy Institute, LLP).

Also, thank you to our outstanding Keynote Speaker, panelists, nominees and participants!

Stay tuned for GEIA 2021!


Based on the recent World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap report, it will take another 108 years to reach gender parity,

Across the 106 countries covered, the biggest gaps to close are in the economic and political empowerment dimensions, which will take 202 and 107 years to close, respectively. (Source: World Economic Forum)

Shocking, isn’t it?

If gender equality is not to become a distant dream that would not be realised in our lifetime, we need all men, women, the organisations they work for and the communities they serve to address it.

The good news is that men are increasingly doing their part to reduce this gap. Companies are also appreciating the benefits of having more women in their workforce – from diverse leadership styles to innovation in problem solving – all resulting in a positive economic impact on the company’s productivity and bottom line.

We at United Women Singapore appreciate and recognise these organisations and individuals for championing women’s empowerment and honour them annually.

The various categories for the Awards are:

Gender Equality Impact@Work (Organisations Only)

This category calls for nominations of companies that hold their male employees accountable for gender equality and inclusion, have a balanced leadership team, equal representation on diversity committees (or similar) and gender-neutral hiring practices. Similar initiatives or concrete plans to achieve the above criteria are also welcome.

Gender Equality Impact Changemaker (Male Individuals) 

This nominee had  influenced and/or made a significant contribution that encourage diversity and inclusion, and act as an active promoter of equal opportunity and has a history of championing gender equality in his organisation and/or community.

Gender Equality Impact Changemaker (Female Individuals)

This category is for nominating women who have actively involved men in the movement for gender equality either within the workplace or the local community. She has inspired men to be actively involved in the gender equality space or driven women’s empowerment in the organisation and/or her community.

Gender Equality Impact Changemaker Youth (Individuals aged 13 to 25 Only)

This category is for nominating individuals that have actively influenced and promoted gender equality in the school and community. He/she has taken concrete steps to raise awareness about gender equality and is a role model to his/her peers. This nominee should be between 12 and 25 years old and the efforts should be outside of formal employment, if any.

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