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In 2017, we celebrated the ICONS of our time and many before us, who have paved the way towards a more fair and just society, for both women and men.

There is a common feature to iconic women, which is the desire to be free, to reach new limits, to grow beyond the boxes they were confined in. The success of the feminist movement across frontiers is not dependent on the will and strength of an isolated individual; rather it can only live from the collaborative efforts of a united society. Only if we join hands in this fight, will real change happen, will society evolve and will women be finally recognised and respected as the extraordinary beings they are, across cultures, across frontiers and despite prejudices. The Singapore Committee for UN Women calls out for everyone to speak out against injustice with the aim of being part of the solution.

Based on a survey conducted by the Singapore Committee for UN Women on attitudes towards gender equality in Singapore, 1 in 3 men identify with feminism. 6 in 10 men believe that women should be the primary caregivers of children. 67% of respondents think that our cultural beliefs in Singapore promote gender inequality through gender stereotypes. 57% of respondents agreed that women earn less than men even when they perform the same work equally well. The World Economic Forum in its Global Gender Gap Report 2014 estimates that if we continue on our current trajectory, women will not attain equal economic participation levels and opportunities until 2095. With men and boys at the table and engaged on the issue, UN Women believes that we can more than halve that estimate.”

The time for change is now. The Singapore Committee for UN Women has been leading the way forward in this domain with our signature campaigns and initiatives. We invite you to support us and be part of a global movement where absolutely everybody has an imperative part to play in achieving gender equality.


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