GoSTEMChamps! STEM Speaker Series: Journey of a Virus Hunter

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Powered by Abbott and UWS, GoSTEMChamps! presents the first STEM Speaker Series for 2022: Journey of a Virus Hunter. Join us to hear from Mary Rodgers, Ph.D., Principal Research Scientist at Abbott about her adventures with tiny, virulent viruses and stand a chance to win attractive prizes during the session and a chance to join our internship program!

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About GoSTEMChamps!

GoSTEMChamps! has been co-created by Abbott and UWS to inspire and support the next generation of STEM leaders in Singapore.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) solve many of the world’s problems and have an outsized impact on our daily lives. Abbott is a global health technology company with a longstanding commitment in STEM education (Learn about Abbott’s other STEM initiatives here).United Women Singapore (UWS) is a non-profit organisation that advances women’s empowerment and gender equality. Its flagship STEM programme, Girls2Pioneers aims to motivate girls and young women to take up STEM subjects in their higher education and careers to create a more gender equal society.

Both organisations share a common mission – to support youth in their pursuit of careers in STEM fields.

Through GoSTEMChamps!, youth in Singapore will have the opportunity to engage with leading scientists, engineers and health technologists who will showcase the vast possibilities in STEM fields. The students who sign up for and attend the programme will also stand to participate in internships with Abbott.

In the first webinar of the GoSTEMChamps! STEM Speaker Series we feature Mary Rodgers, Principal Research Scientist at Abbott.


About Mary A. Rodgers, PhD

As a principal research scientist in Abbott’s diagnostics business, Mary Rodgers manages the Abbott Global Viral Surveillance Program and external collaborations for the infectious disease research division.

Abbott’s Global Surveillance Program was established more than two decades ago to detect and actively monitor emerging HIV and hepatitis strains around the world. By monitoring the diversity of current epidemics as well as the next public health threats, this program serves as the scientific foundation upon which Abbott’s diagnostic tests are built.

In 2020, Mary was part of the team that developed Abbott’s COVID-19 tests and has since added SARS-CoV-2 to the Surveillance program. To date, Mary’s team has analyzed over 3 million SARS-CoV-2 variant sequences.