14 July 2023, Fri

Creating a supportive community by empowering youth to become male allies for gender equality

What is it? 

The UWS Boys Empowered Community Summit, hosted by United Women Singapore, is an annual event that aims to create a supportive community by empowering youth to become male allies for gender equality.

Through knowledge sharing and community building, the summit brings together male youth (17-25 year old) and the stakeholders (parents, educators, and social service agencies) to redefine masculinity.

Themed ‘Re-Coding Masculinity’, the 2023 summit held on 14 July will focus on youth cyber wellness and mental wellness. The summit will unpack the role of masculinity in affecting these issues and how the community and stakeholders can play a part in supporting young men. 

Who should attend?

  • Male youth (17-25 year old)
  • Stakeholders (parents, educators, and social service agencies)

Why attend?

💬 Exchange experiences

and insights on the effects of gender stereotypes

🙋Be empowered to advocate

for gender equality through allyship

📚 Be equipped with knowledge

to create positive changes in the community

re-coding masculinity

Many Singaporeans have an existing perception about masculinity based on stories and online information that promote traditional definitions and perspectives, which may not be true in today’s society.

Society assumes that men are supposed to be independent, courageous and aggressive. This builds certain scripts about masculinity that young men & society adhere too.

we invite you to challenge these assumptions and take action

What's Happening

Full Day Event from 1:00 – 7:00PM


Facilitated workshops for youths to unpack role of Masculinity in Cyber Wellness and Mental Wellness

Panel Discussions

For stakeholders to understand the needs and be equipped with tips and strategies to engage young men

Interactive Booths

Uncover your understanding and learn tips about cyber wellness and mental wellness through interactive activities

Group Discussions

Facilitated conversations for youths and stakeholders to share personal experiences, barriers and be empowered to work towards making positive change 

Calling all Students, Educators and Community Stakeholders who work with youth!