Did you know that over 700 gallons of water and 1/3 pound of pesticides are used to produce 1 t-shirt? That means if the 5.7 million of us in Singapore reused 1 t-shirt instead of buying a new one, we can save on 4 billion gallons of water and 1.9 million pounds of pesticides.

We recycle only 8% of the textile and leather that we use, with the rest going into landfills. We all have a role to play addressing this impact on our environment.

As a socially conscious organisation, we play our part for environmental sustainability by enabling donated, high quality designer wear to be available for resale at reduced prices, thereby reducing the environmental impact of clothing production/recycling while raising funds for our impactful programmes.

Buy To Save is the United Women Singapore’s exclusive three-day pop-up sale, which features pre-loved, gently-used designer clothes, shoes and accessories.

All proceeds from Buy To Save will go towards expanding and reinforcing our flagship Girls2Pioneers programme which encourages young women and girls to take up STEM in higher education and careers here in Singapore.

The 11th edition of Buy To Save will happen in October 2020, stay tuned for details!