Paving Gender Equality through Allyship

Being an ally is a continuous process of reflection, self-awareness and self-accountability. We must acknowledge and, more importantly, have conversations about the harmful effects of discrimination and biases we have about each gender. Read more

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STEMentorship 2022

Connecting Girls to Role Models in STEM

We are a big advocate of equipping young girls with the confidence to enter STEM fields in their future careers and we believe one way to do that is to introduce them to role models in the industry. By connecting these mentors with budding STEM enthusiasts, we hope that more girls will feel inspired to explore alternative career paths. Read more about what our mentees learnt from the program and how our mentors felt throughout the entire experience!

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UWS STEM Fest 2022 Highlights

The inaugural United Women Singapore (UWS) Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Festival that took place on 29 Oct, 2022 at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre, saw over 650 students, parents, educators and STEM professionals come together as a supportive community for young women to build their competence and inspire confidence in them to succeed in future of jobs in the STEM field.

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Two Boys, One Mission

Throughout this year, our student volunteers, Viv and Julian from St Joseph’s Institution International, have given their time and shared their passion to help launch United Women Singapore’s (UWS) new programme, UWS Boys Empowered. Find out about their experience volunteering with UWS and their views on gender equality and male allyship.

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Do memes and internet culture perpetuate gender stereotypes?

From a young boy’s perspective, the internet is a place you can escape to and are free to do whatever you want; but it is this exact freedom that can bring about many negative impacts. Being a young boy myself, I can speak on this issue truthfully and will focus on my experience with how gender is depicted in various places on the internet.

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Are we ready to revisit our beliefs?

Gender-based violence is a tangible sign of gender inequality, and based on the reported crimes data women are predominantly the victims of it.

Gender-based violence refers to acts of violence, harm and injury caused to an individual who was targeted because of their gender identity. However, violence is not purely a female experience. Both men and women may be survivors as well as perpetrators of violence.

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