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As a non-profit and self-funded charity we thrive off the passion for women’s empowerment and the commitment to make it happen by individuals like you. From attending or hosting an event, to volunteering at a talk or day camp, building a world free of discrimination and barriers starts right here.

All volunteer applicants are opted-in to our Volunteer Bulletin. The Volunteer Bulletin is sent out monthly on an as-need basis and includes a listing of our current volunteer needs with instructions on how you can get started right away. Periodically, we reach out to individual applicants directly if their skills and interests meet a specific need at the time.

Volunteer Testimonials

Why Volunteer?

Note that due to the overwhelming response from our kind supporters, we are unable to respond to you individually. However, rest assured that you will receive our Volunteer Bulletin so that you will be presented with the many ways you can help.

Volunteer Testimonials

My most fulfilling experience was when I facilitated my first STEM session by myself.  I could feel the excitement and enthusiasm of these girls.  It reminded me that children are the ultimate change makers.  The world is truly full of possibilities for them and I’d love to open their eyes to how they can change the world in their own way.

Aimee H Chiuten

Girls2Pioneers Volunteer

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities for 2020

Girls2Pioneers Program

[Introduction to Role]
Skills needed:
Time Commitment:

Event Organising/ Fundraising

HeforShe: 8 May 2020
SNOW Gala: September/ October 2020
BTS: November 2020

[Introduction to Role]
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Time Commitment:

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