United Women Singapore is developing new programmes on anti-violence. Last December, we launched a report in collaboration with IPSOS where we surveyed 300 Singaporeans on their perceptions of domestic abuse. Our study showed that 10% of the participants have faced family violence and an estimated 72% of female participants are not likely to report it. 

Aligning with the objectives of the TaskForce on Family Violence, chaired by Singapore’s Ministry of Social and Family Development and the Ministry of Home Affairs, we are working to roll-out programmes –

(a) with organisations in the private sector to create a safe and more supportive work environment for survivors of domestic violence and

(b) for boys in schools to educate them on healthy masculinity ideals and empowering them in the prevention of violence and discrimination against girls.   

We are reaching out to you to reach out to your employers to participate in our survey to help us better understand and curate a comprehensive plan on improving workplace responses to support of employees impacted by domestic violence.

To take the survey, click here