About Us

Laying the foundation of an equitable world to empower the next generation of women and girls

United Women Singapore

United Women Singapore (UWS) is a local non-profit organisation that advances women’s empowerment and gender equality. The organisation works towards narrowing the gender equality gap through education and raising awareness and advocacy on issues of anti-violence and women’s empowerment, with the support of partners from the public and private sectors.

United Women Singapore has an Institution of Public Character (IPC) status and all donors are able to claim tax relief from their assessable income based on the amount donated, at prevailing deduction rate.

Our Vision

To be a purpose-driven organisation that builds the foundation for the equitable distribution of life’s opportunities and resources between women and men.

Our Mission

To create opportunities through programmes and partnerships that help women and girls maximise their full potential and empower them to become future leaders.

Why Women’s Empowerment?

We believe that changing the world starts with creating the right conditions for girls and women to rise up and be equipped to be the change they want to see.This means creating an equitable distribution of life’s opportunities and resources between women and men with the purpose of creating:

Equitable access to education and training in innovation and technology.

Equitable opportunities for women to contribute to social, societal and environmental changes.

Equitable rewards for their contribution to society and the economy.

An equitable seat at the table to make decisions and impact change for a better world.

Our Programmes

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We inspire and encourage young women to explore and pursue careers in STEM
We encourage private sector organisations to adopt progressive workplace policies that will support employees experiencing domestic violence abuse (DVA), workplace harassment, and discrimination
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We empower boys to prevent gender-based violence by advocating for healthy masculinity ideals and male allyship
We equip young women to go into their tertiary studies and careers confident in their abilities to control their own pathway into the Fintech field
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