Girls in STEM: Building a Supportive Ecosystem 1.0

Research by: UWS & Robertsbridge Stonehaven
An all-of-society effort is required to support more women in STEM, recognizing that parents remain influential in their daughters' education choices and are supportive of having more women in STEM, but may lack the knowledge and resources to effectively support their children in pursuing STEM careers.

Towards A Safe and Supportive Workplace

Research by: UWS & Milieu Insights
Employees recognised that Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA) was not simply a personal issue, but also one that has an impact on the workplace and want to be more informed on appropriate responses. The survey results underscore the collective responsibility of the workplace in eradicating DVA. What more can we do?

Close the Skills Gap: STEM to STEAM

Research by: UWS & STMicroelectronics
The latest study by United Women Singapore highlights the importance of 21st century competencies in order to stand out when applying in today's job market. Is the future STEM workforce job ready? Does the confidence gap in female students persist?

Unpaid Care Work

Research by: Ipsos & UWS
The latest study by United Women Singapore and IPSOS reveals the behaviours and attitudes towards domestic caring responsibilities in Singapore.

The Persistent Gender Gap Continues

Research by: Ipsos & UWS
The latest study by United Women Singapore and IPSOS reveals the perceptions of girls and the barriers they face in choosing STEM pathways and careers.

Girls face a confidence gap compared to boys in the decision to pursue STEM careers

Research by: Agility Research & UWS
United Women Singapore and Agility Research jointly undertook research to understand the possible barriers girls face in choosing a STEM related career.

We need to start encouraging our daughters, sisters, nieces, granddaughters more to be more confident, and that they can be successful in a STEM career as well.

3 in 10 Singaporeans or someone close to them faced domestic abuse

Research by: Ipsos and UWS
United Women Singapore and Ipsos teamed up to understand the perceptions and impact of domestic abuse in Singapore.

The survey found that 3 in 10 Singaporeans claim that they or someone close to them have experienced domestic abuse. We believe that 30% is too many.

Much more needs to be done to protect the survivors and shed light on the situation and especially what constitutes domestic abuse.